If you are looking for a website that allows you to draw online like on the fence or wall then you have come to the right place! DrawArea is a free project that allow you to draw online on the infinite space. We have no restrictions on the size of the wall. The wall gradually expands in all directions and will never end. Аfter the expand of the wall, DrawArea automatically add new scales (like in google maps). After registration you can create specific walls for drawing, categories of walls, and draw on the walls. To add a picture you should select the wall on the main page. Then press button to add a picture and click on a blank spot on the wall. After the drawing, click save and enjoy!

The DrawArea outsiders will not be able to erase your drawing or paint over it. Moreover, indent to nearby drawings must be 15 pixels. The area that overrides another picture are clipped.

Canvas before saving

After saving:
Picture after saving

Good luck!

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